High performance is in fashion

In the textile and clothing industries, MES implementation in the looms allows the weaving performance follow-up in real time, providing better production control.

Manufacturing Execution System is compatible with the main looms and carries out individual monitoring of each of them. The follow-up is online, so it can be done through mobile devices.

Loom by Okea Highlights

• Information as productivity, waste, failure, downtime, and others are registered;

• Integration to the main management systems (ERPs) in the market;

• Online register and monitoring through tablets and smartphones;

• Safe information exchange with other systems via XML, text files or database;

• Electronic Kanban of production and output, automatically updated by productivity;

• Electronic Andon of execution and goal achievement to support Kanban without delays;

• Production order placement, items, and ERP script;

• Real time monitoring of production orders and procedures, necessary processes, working and non-productive hours, produced quantities, rework and waste;

• Root cause identification of production line downtime;

• Productivity and execution report generation;

• Track record and graphics analysis, identifying the main causes of downtime as speed decrease, daily and monthly productivity;

• Real time monitoring of productive resource downtime as machines or operators;

• Manual event analysis as preventive and corrective maintenance, lack of programming, setup, helping a better control by the managers;

• Trend analysis, Target X Performed follow-up per period, shift and groups;

• Production management, Target X Performed through monitors in the shop floor and productivity support areas (Electronic Andon);

• Interruption warning, loss of pace, production excess and others, providing possible time for execution correction made by the managers, decreasing daily loss;

• Real time Gantt programming.

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