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Rubber and plastic product sector benefits from the implementation of the Manufacturing Execution System, which supplies the necessary information to improve the production services, and then decreasing waste and maximizing production.

The tool generates analysis reports in graphics, as well as the delivery date control and production order allocation.

Polymer by Okea Highlights

• Information as productivity, waste, failure, downtime, and others are registered;

• Integration to the main management systems (ERPs) in the market;

• Online register and monitoring through tablets and smartphones;

• Safe information exchange with other systems via XML, text files or database;

• Electronic Kanban of production and output, automatically updated by productivity;

• Electronic Andon of execution and goal achievement to support Kanban without delays;

• Production order placement, items, and ERP script;

• Real time monitoring of production orders and procedures, necessary processes, working and non-productive hours, produced quantities, rework and waste;

• Root cause identification of production line downtime;

• Productivity and execution report generation;

• Track record and graphics analysis, identifying the main causes of downtime as speed decrease, daily and monthly productivity;

• Real time monitoring of productive resource downtime as machines or operators;

• Manual event analysis as preventive and corrective maintenance, lack of programming, setup, helping a better control by the managers;

• Trend analysis, Target X Performed follow-up per period, shift and groups;

• Production management, Target X Performed through monitors in the shop floor and productivity support areas (Electronic Andon);

• Interruption warning, loss of pace, production excess and others, providing possible time for execution correction made by the managers, decreasing daily loss;

• Real time Gantt programming.

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